I guess I should explain what’s going on. To be honest, it’s a little ridiculous to bother with a parody of a show that’s been off air for forever, right? Babylon Park has been quite absent from the web since Crusade got canned, which I guess can be explained that “real life” suddenly became quite interesting and educational. You know how that goes.

G'KileAnyway, I was talking with some friends about the jobs we had and the things we’ve done and, in the usual one-upmanship these conversations bring, I mentioned that quite by accident I created a meme which turned into a mashup which let to my being invited to cons, hanging with celebrities in their posh hotel rooms, and lecturing at universities (ok, maybe I exaggerated a little) for a couple years at the turn of the century. I was informed such absolutely preposterous claims required proof.

After rummaging in a closet, I managed to produce a VHS tape of Frightspace. And I don’t own a VCR anymore. So I dug out an old external hard drive I store the Babylon Park files on… and all the video files were in .rm format. No one uses that anymore, even RealPlayer doesn’t recognize the decade old codec.

So I am on a quest to re-render these old videos and release them out into the wilds of the internet tubes. If only to show that while a lot has changed since 2000, the off-the-wall performances given by Wayne Alexander, Robin Atkin-Downes, Maggie Egan, Pat Tallman and Jeffrey Willerth are classic.