Babylon Park: Episode Zot

Babylon Park cast photo (2004)
It was the end of innocence for five young beings in a galaxy torn by strife. Forced to live in a giant tin can in space, they did what only came naturally — eating Cheezy Spoo and kicking ass.

It’s the 23rd century and the name of the place is Babylon Park.

The first Babylon Park animated movie was available online in 1998. Hosted by Mr. Mordy the Shadow Poo, “Episode 000,” as it was originally called, is a montage of clips from future Babylon Park episodes introducing the Babylon Park universe.

The subtitle of Episode Zot was changed to “420 on the Septic Line” for the 2011 re-release.

Features the “Spoohunter” short from 1998.

Trivia: There was a planned clip about the end of the Shadow War called “42 Seconds” that never made it to production.