Original Babylon 5 Parody

The first Babylon Park animated movie was available online in 1998. Hosted by Mr. Mordy the Shadow Poo, “Episode 000,” as it was originally called, is a montage of clips from future Babylon Park episodes introducing the twisted Babylon Park universe.

Babylon Park Tees

Be the talk of the con with swag from one of the most obscure, niche mashups from a decade few remember. Show how rare your 90’s geek fu is wearing a Babylon Park t-shirt.

Legend of the Spoohunter

This was the first Babylon Park clip made (1998) that answered the ages old question: “What would an alien commercial for an alien food-item look like?”

Babylon Park: Frightspace

After doing the short Spoohunter and then Episode Zot, I thought a longer format longer might be fun. Frightspace was humorous take on Babylon 5’s “Thirdspace” movie, but instead of using a generic alien race why not go full-blown Lovecraft?

“Enterprising Man” music video

This hilarious song was written and performed by famous filker, Tom Smith. You can download this song as a free MP3 from his website.