Babylon Park: Grudgematch

Voyager versus Crusade spoof

Babylon Park: Grudgematch movie posterFleeing a Smorgasborg Cubit, the crew of Forager find themselves up against the crew of the Excretalot, battling it out for the right to save the universe from a deadly Nanobot plague. Thrill as Captain Painway and Captain Gidiot match wits (what little they have) and pit their crews against each other in the most hilarious Grudgematch of the new millennium.

From the Babylon Park creative team of Christopher, Neely and Brian and the vocal talents of Wayne Alexander (Babylon 5, X-Files), Robin Atkin-Downes (Buffy, Babylon 5), Maggie Egan (Babylon 5), Pat Tallman (Babylon 5, Star Trek) and Jeffery Willerth (Babylon 5). Also featuring the song “Enterprising Man” by Tom Smith.